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Atmospheric Water Generation


The production of drinking water from air humidity, "atmospheric water generation", is one of the most important and innovative water extraction solutions available today, used to address the growing problem of depletion of water. drinking water levels in the world. Within a decade from now, it is believed that 50% of the world's population will live in areas without access to clean, fresh and safe drinking water.

Water scarcity constantly and current trends indicate that it is decreasing very rapidly, both quantitatively and qualitatively around the world. Therefore, the lack of fresh water will pose the greatest threat to humanity and therefore there is an urgent need to develop and demonstrate new and sustainable technologies to tackle the problem.

Atmospheric water generation technologies, which generate water from the air, are an excellent option for areas with difficult access and little infrastructure. With the help of our Sioux partners, it produces atmospheric water generators“AWG”, for human consumption, and for industrial uses such as mining and agriculture. The large capacity air water generator can absorb moisture from the outside air and transform it into the purest, healthiest and most oxygen-rich drinking water on the planet. The working temperature of the equipment for optimal operation is> 28 ° C and with 79% ambient humidity. The systems are modular so more modules can be attached as more water is needed. 7 Stage Filtration Air Sediment Filter, Water Sediment Filter, Polypropylene, Activated Carbon, Post Carbon, Ultrafiltration Membrane, Ultraviolet Rays.

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