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  • Rice Premium Long Grain

  • Rice Long Grain Parboiled

  • Rice Long Grain Rice (Oryza Sativa)


ISO 22000 Certification

Many of our products are certified in this international standard of food safety management systems for the entire supply chain, from farmers to process and packaging, transport and sale point.

FDA Food and Drug Administration

FDA registration and certification in addition to FDA permits and authorizations for the export or import of food products to the United States

HACCP Certification

According to its acronym (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), by Bureau Veritas.

It is a structured, internationally recognized operating method that allow food industry organizations to identify their risks, avoid food injury hazards and address legal compliance.

Although HACCP is not mandatory in some of the countries that we export, it is obligatory in the US and in European Union countries.

Through this certification we can assure our commitment to food safety in the products we offer and guarantee one of our main values: quality.

Kosher Certification

More than 14 million people worldwide are Jewish and many of them follow the Orthodox tradition, which strictly defines foods that are suitable for consumption or also called "Kosher".

We have certified products for consumption of this public because it has a quality control system for food according to Jewish standards.

Through an audit performed by an authorized certification organization and supervised by a Rabbinic Coordinator it ensures that our products gets the required specifications.

Halal Certification

Halal is synonymous with legal or lawful, according to Islamic regulations, this seal that guarantees that the raw material and all our product elaboration processes are in accordance with the laws of the Muslim world.

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