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We stock a variety of Frozen Beef Parts which can be procured as per the requirements of the customers. We are a prominent name among Frozen Beef Meat Exporters owing to our focus on timely delivery and optimum quality.



Type: Beef

Style: Frozen

Feature: Nutritious, Low-Sugar, Non-Nicotine, Low-Fat, Vitamins, NATURE

Certification: HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL, U

Packaging: Vacuum Pack

Storage Type: frozen

Place of Origin: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, U.S.A.

Freezing Process: IQF

Beef Type: Halal Frozen Meat Beef Topside

CHILE                     ARGENTINA                        EEUU                    ESPAÑA

Filete                       Lomo                                    Tenderloin              Solomillo

Lomo Vetado           Bife Ancho                           Rib Eye Steak         Lomo Alto sin tapa

Entrecot                   Bife angosto con lomo         T-Bone                   Chuletón

Lomo Liso               Bife Angosto                         Striploin                  Lomo

Punta Ganso           Tapa de cuadril                    Sirloin cap              Rabillo de cadera

Punta Picana          Colita de cuadril                   Tri-tip                      Cadera

Asado de Tira         Asado                                   Short Ribs              Costillar

Entraña                    Entraña fina                         Skirt steak              Entraña

Punta Paleta           Marucha                               Flat Iron                  Paleta

Palanca                   Bife de vacío                        Flank steak             Punta de falda

Plateada                 Tapa de asado                      Short plate              Tapa de lomo alto

Tapabarriga             Vacío                                    Thin Flank               Falda

Abastero                 Tortuguita                             Heel beef                 Morcillo

Pollo Barriga           Centro de entraña                Thick skirt                ————–

Huachalomo           Aguja                                    Neck                         Aguja

Malaya                    Matambre                             Rose meat               ————–

Tapapecho              Pecho                                   Brisket                      Pecho

Cortes de Carne Interiores:

Mollejas                   Mollejas                       Sweetbread                                  Mollejas

Criadillas                 Criadillas                      Rocky Mountain oysters             Criadillas

Guatitas                   Mondongo                    Tripe                                            Callos

Médula                    Tuétano                         Bone marrow                              Tuétano

Chunchules             Chinchulines                 Smal intestine                              —

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Chicken Factory.PNG
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We offer for sale frozen chicken products. We have the following products in stock. Halal available


Frozen Whole Chicken (weight 900-2200 grm)

Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters (CLQ)

Frozen Chicken Thigh

Frozen Chicken Drumstick

Frozen Chicken Breast (bone in, skin on)

Frozen Chicken Breast (Boneless, skin on)

Frozen chicken Breast (Boneless, skinless)

Frozen chicken back

Frozen Chicken Wing (whole wing)

Frozen Chicken mid joint wing

Frozen processed chicken feet

Frozen processed chicken paws


Origin: Brazil, U.S.A.


Production Date: Recent.


Shelf Life: 18 months minimum.

There always available stock. Please, contact us now to place order.

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Pork 4.PNG


Part: Body

Feature: Nutritious, Low-Sugar, Low-Fat, Organic, Vitamins, NATURE

Certification: HACCP, ISO, QS, IFS, BRC

Packaging: Box 10 kg or at buyers request.

Shelf Life: 24

Weight (kg): 10

Place of Origin: Brazil


Part: Body

Feature: Nutritious, Low Sugar, Low Fat, Organic, Vitamins, NATURE

Certification: HACCP, ISO, QS, IFS, BRC

Packaging: 10 kg box or at the request of the buyers.

Shelf Life: 24

Weight (kg): 10

Place of origin: Brazil




Frozen shaved pork chops, 10 kg boxes

Pork feet, frozen, 10 kg boxes

Frozen pork tails and bones, 10 kg boxes

Pork heads, frozen, 10 kg boxes

Frozen pork sternums, 10 kg boxes

Frozen pork bones, 15 kg cartons

Frozen pork spines, 15 kg cartons

Whole frozen pork ears, 10 kg boxes

Frozen pork masks, 10 kg boxes

Frozen pork loin ribs, 9-12 cm, 15 kg box

Frozen pork stomachs, 10 kg carton

Frozen pork skin, 20 kg box

Frozen pork fat, 20 kg carton

Frozen pork back fat, 20 kg box

Frozen pork tongue, Swiss cut, in a cardboard box

Frozen pork collar, with bone, in cardboard

Boneless Frozen Pork Leg, Polyblock

Frozen bone-in pork loin, cardboard

Boneless Frozen Pork Loin, Cardboard

Frozen pork belly, with bone, with rind, N2, boxed

Frozen pork moonbone, 10 kg carton

Frozen pork humerus bones, 20 kg box

Frozen pig femur bones, 20 kg box

front legs of pig medium weight 300-350 gr, length 17-18 cm.

pig hind legs medium weight 400-450 gr, length 19-20 cm.

Frozen pork legs.

Our company offers frozen pork forelegs

This product is packed in boxes of 10 kilograms - fixed net weight 10 kilograms.

the average length of the front foot - 17-18 cm.

the average weight of one foot - 390-430 g.

Our frozen pork is well treated, inspected by SGS before shipment and comes with a valid health certificate.

Packed in cardboard boxes of 10 kg or 20 kg, loading 26-27 MT per container.

Our prices are affordable.

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