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The honey exported by Sioux is considered one of the best quality in the world.

Types of Honey

• Flower honey: it is the honey that comes mainly from the nectars of the flowers.

• Honeydew honey: it is the honey that comes mainly from exudations of the living parts of the plants or present in them. Its color varies from very light brown or greenish to dark brown.

There is a great variety of honeys with different aromas, colors and flavors, this variation depends on its botanical origin. Sugars are the components that give it the flavor. Usually honey that is high in content

in fructose it is sweeter compared to that with high glucose content.

• The color of honey varies from extremely light, through amber tones and becoming almost black. This is related to the content of minerals, pollen and volatile compounds that are responsible for the aroma.

The darker honeys have a higher content of phenols that gives it a greater antioxidant power.

• The aroma and taste of honey are related to the nectar of the flowers that the bees visited

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